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Luke Pitt

Health and Safety from Luke Pitt

LARP Safety ltd 2nd Birthday

Good Afternoon again.

Two years on and still going strong!

As the Senior director of LARP Safety Ltd I am very happy to be a part of such a progressive industry and to have met and worked with some very like minded businesses.

We really enjoy what we do here and I think we have the right balance of competency and drive to continue onward and upwards.

So A big thank you to our clients who have supported this venture over the past two years and I sincerely hope to carry on working with you all and going from strength to strength in the coming years.

And If your new to us, please do give us a call and we will be more than happy to assist you in your endeavours ..

and finally….

To Rob and Stuart….our IT support and help desk…….thank you for the new website and of course for not laughing too hard when the printer ran out of paper and then promptly jammed when I tried to re-fill the tray….who knew that could pose so many issues!!!………or error messages!!!…….you know what I mean….anyway, thanks.


Luke – Senior Director of LARP Safety Ltd


Re-launch of the LARP Safety Ltd website

We are very pleased to announce the Re-launch of the LARP Safety Ltd website.

We hope that you will like the new look and image for the company . This came  after much consultation (and coffee) and I hope you like what you see.

Should you wish to, please leave me any comments, thoughts and views either on the web page if you are an account holder, via face book or just by e-mailing me.

Speak Soon,




IIRSM Award for LARP Safety Ltd

I wanted to let you know that we at LARP Safety Ltd received  an IIRSM award this morning in recognition of our commitment to H&S and our continuing support of the institute and they are issuing us with the title “Recognised Safety Professional”.

We are very proud to have been recognised by the Institute and we hope this is another reason to want to use LARP Safety Limited.

As we draw very near to the main holiday season, we wish you all a very safe holiday (where ever you go) and hope to speak with you very soon on your return.

We are as always on the end of a phone should you need to speak with us, so until then, be safe.


Luke – Director of LARP Safety Ltd

Changes to the Law on Cookies.

Hi All,

Just to say that in line with the new laws on “Cookies” we have put in place a little program that informs you of what information the website requires to perform and any other cookies which are required that you should know we keep. This isn’t as cloak and dagger as it first seems and on speaking to Robert at Kashiko (my service provider) we are more than happy to field any mails with regards to LARP’s website that are not answered via the program. Let me know if you have any problems.


Working at the Office for National Statistics in Newport

Over the past 5 weeks or so, I have been working with the good people from the stats office as a DSE assessor- helping and advising their staff and management remain compliant as per the regulations and the company policy.


I was amazed at the great work they manage to produce and the information they have to analyze  which then goes to governments and other bodies and becomes the fundamental building blocks which sets  for example the GDP (gross domestic product) figure for the UK.


After speaking to just one worker there I manage to ascertain very quickly that I still have no idea what GDP actually is and moreover begged another which was why I even asked the question!!……Although, if you ever think that the staff here in Newport could ever be boring because all they deal in is figures and spreadsheets, think again…….they have a serious sense of humor and the five weeks flew by.


As an assessor, I did find however that ONS staff are very vulnerable to the typical symptoms of poor posture, bad backs, eye strains, shoulder pains and a host of other problems and that got me thinking that here is a company, who takes their responsibilities very seriously…but how many other companies out there don’t??, how many other companies out there only do what they have to do, and, as long as there is a financial reward tagged on to it (i.e. contractual or client specific) and this seems to be a huge failing.


We as a nation still tend to only undertake Health and safety as an after thought and most still definitely don’t plan in health and safety and the associated costs, and for me the most upsetting thing is that very few think of the benefits of undertaking these types of reviews on their staff which could then lead to better morale, lower sickness time, BETTER PRODUCTIVITY! to name just three.


On site in Newport  however there is a dedicated team which is lead by Mark Beard (the ONS safety practitioner) and his counterpart in Mite – Matt Vinnicombe who are very aware of their responsibilities and who also take a moral view on every individuals health and well being on site. This is a wonderful policy to uphold and we should all take a leaf from this book and apply it to our own workplaces.


So ONS (Mark, Matt and everyone else I’ve missed), keep up the great work, I learnt allot in my brief time there and hope to be back in there soon helping out once again.

Live Action Role Play…

So I was looking at our Google statistics today and have noticed that a few people have looked at the website thinking it’s about Live Action Role Play…..sorry about that…..BUT READ ON, HERES THE GOOD NEWS…


I’ve been a LARPER for many years now and in fact LARP to me stands for Luke and Rebbecca Pitt but also has significance as I do role playing as well…it’s been in the blood since I was 16 and I went down to Labyrinthe in Orpington, Kent and have done it ever since in various places across the country.


So, if your looking for a bit of H&S advice or just want to chat about what to consider with your risk and method statements or come to that any other aspect of LARP, please give me a call and Ill be more than happy to discuss .


Speak Soon,



LARP Safety Limited working with the Chartered Institute for Environmental Health (CIEH)

We are always pleased to be able to offer more services and listening to our clients we have worked with IOSH, NEBOSH, NVQ and the Construction College to be able to offer a wide range of courses to anyone and everyone around the country and importantly those in our home region of South Wales.


So it with great pleasure that LARP Safety Limited announces our association with the Chartered Institute for Environmental Health and that we are able to offer their level 2 course in Health & Safety. This one day course is  designed to ensure that all employees are aware of their own safety and the safety of customers, contractors and the public. It can also be tailored to fit your business and be totally relevant and suitable for those undertaking the certificate.


We are getting allot of interest in this qualification so call us now to book your place on this course.


Our numbers are Office: 01446 711203, my mobile: 07702 166926  and our fax is: 01446 719870.


We look forward to speaking with you very soon.



Luke and the team here at LARP Safety Limited

CPCS A61 Appointed Person

Another course completed to enable me to provide more for less!


The Appointed persons course is the major qualification to have when you need someone to manage a lift process. I took the course last week and have been told yesterday of my success so I wanted to share the great news with you all.


So, if you want an AP for your lift and would like to speak with me about any element of the work, I am always on my phone (07702166926). Call me anytime – except the middle of the night!! and we can discuss you requirements.


One more reason to use LARP Safety Limited

Chartered Safety and Health Practitioner

It’s been a while since I’ve been able to announce more professional attributes but on the 11th August 2011 IOSH confirmed that my interview with my fellow peers had been successful and that I had been recommended for Chartered Status. This has been ratified by their auditors and I am now able to call myself a “Chartered Safety and Health Practitioner”.


I’m very proud of this achievement as it means that my peers feel that I am competent and it now means you my clients will have more confidence in my abilities.

First NEBOSH Course taught – 11 out of 12 passed

I know, unheard of right??….not anymore, i plan to maintain this pass rate for any of my clients that want me to teach the NEBOSH course to their clients.


For information, the person that referred did so by one point…..


I was very pleased with this result and in fairness the class did work exceptionally hard but i hope that this goes in some way towards assuring my clients that when you hire LARP Safety, you are hiring the best and my results speak for themselves.